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Delete Google Business Account: How does it really work?

Do you want to remove your Google Business Profile, but it's still showing up in Google search no matter what you do? We can help you delete it for real, so you don't have to waste time on other solutions. If you think our service is illegal, we can calm your mind. Our methods are 100% legal and comply with Google's guidelines.

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Walter Klaschka, founder and GMB Removal Specialist
Walter Klaschka
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Is deleting the Business Profile the right solution?

Are you considering whether deleting your Business Profile is the right solution for you? If you're dealing with issues such as incorrect information, fake reviews, or unwanted Google Business Profiles, we're here to provide expert guidance and help you find the best way forward. 

Our aim is to streamline the process, ensuring your business maintains its credibility and your customers aren't misled by incorrect information. Under our guidance, you can confidently decide if deleting your profile matches your business needs.

Fake negative reviews hurt your reputation

Lots of companies pay attention to their Google reviews because they can affect how many people visit their website. But what do you do if fake reviews are harming your reputation? Sometimes, it's best to delete your whole Google Business Profile. We can help with advice on this.

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Incomplete Google My Business removal confuses customers

Many websites claim that deleting a Google Business Account is as easy as marking it as "permanently closed" and removing it. But the reality is, that it stays visible to everyone who searches the business. 

If you truly want to get rid of your business from Google Search and Maps, don't bother with outdated methods. We can completely delete your Google My Business listing, and you'll only pay if we succeed. This is especially useful if there are accidentally two profiles for the same business.

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I want to reset my Google My Business Account

Have you taken over an existing business or want to reposition your business, but the Google Business Profile listing contains information that's hard to delete? Instead of settling for outdated details and inaccurate reviews on your Google Business Profile listing, we recommend rebuilding it. We'll remove all the previous content and create a new, improved listing with updated Business Profile settings for you.

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Why these so-called solutions won't help you

Are you curious about why certain solutions might not be the right fit for your needs? We will explain why these so-called solutions may fall short in addressing issues related to Google Business Profiles. From the risks of improper removal to the importance of following Google's policies, we'll delve into the reasons behind their limitations and explore alternative approaches to safeguarding your online presence.

1. Mark Google Business Account as permanently closed

  1. Click Edit Profile > Business Information > Edit Profile.
  2. If you now click on the Hours > Edit, you can select "Permanently closed".
  3. Save these changes.

If you follow these steps, you can mark a business as closed. But, the Google Business listing will still show up in Google search results.

Disadvantages of this obsolete solution

  • Customers believe the company is closed
  • Negative reviews hurt business
  • The company profile remains public

2. Remove Google Business Profile from your account

  1. Select the three-item menu and click Business Profile Settings.
  2. Go to Remove Business Profile > Remove Profile Content and Managers.
  3. In the third step, select Continue > Remove > Done.

Here's the issue: If you use this solution, your Google My Business entry gets removed from your account, and you can't edit it anymore. But it still shows up in search results and Google Maps. Plus, there's a chance someone else might claim it as their own.

Disadvantages of this alleged solution

  • You lose access to the Business Profile
  • Someone else can take over the Google listing
  • Reviews of the company remain visible

3. Suggest Edit that it doesn’t exist

  1. Find the Business Profile and Click “Suggest edit”.
  2. Click “Close or remove” and then “Doesn’t exist here.”
  3. You will get a confirmation from Google that it’s reviewing your suggestion.

The problem with the “suggest edit”-idea is that it might work but it also may not. It certainly won’t happen over night. If you’re interested in a fast and reliable way to delete your Google Business Profile this is definitely not the right solution for you.

Disadvantages of this so-called solution

  • It will take time and may not work
  • It can be very frustrating
  • In the meantime the profile remains public

4. Seek contact with Google Support

You can contact Google Support to delete a Google My Business Account, but we have found that Google Support doesn't carry out the removal requests at all.

Disadvantages of this obsolete solution

  • It costs you time and nerves
  • It can be very frustrating
  • Does not lead to the desired result

Identifying Fake Deals: How to Spot Them

We want to keep you safe from shady offers. Besides the outdated methods, we'd like to introduce you to other solutions that can mislead business owners. These solutions may not only lead to your Business Profile being suspended but also put your Google User Account at risk of being disabled. Restoring blocked profiles and accounts can be time-consuming, and false business information and fake reviews can continue causing harm.

How to recognize dubious offers

  • Sharing inappropriate media (like explicit content).
  • Frequently changing your business category.
  • Moving to places without a fixed address.
  • Relocating to unusual locations like lakes, oceans, or foreign countries.
  • Providing false company information, such as name or opening hours.

We care about your security and integrity, so we're here to help protect you from these risks.

Let us delete your Google Business Account - In 3 easy steps

Our method for deleting your Google Business Profile includes several important steps to make sure your request goes smoothly and gets the job done effectively.

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1. Verification of Ownership:

We check if you own the profile to make sure deleting it is the right choice.
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2. Detailed deletability analysis:

We do a detailed check to see if we can delete your profile because each case is different.
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3. Careful processing of the deletion

We carefully remove it while following Google's rules and double-check its success afterwards.

Our goal is to provide you with a reliable and professional solution for deleting your Google Business Profile, and we'll be with you every step of the process.

Discover your benefits:

  • Payment only if successful: You only pay if the deletion of your company profile on Google is successfully completed.
  • Quick Processing: Deleting your Google Business Profile typically takes less than 48 hours.
  • Complete Removal: Deletion involves removing all company info, media, products, and posts. It also gets rid of links to outside websites and booking systems. Plus, we make sure to delete all reviews, including any owner comments.

What sets G-Remove apart from other Providers?

We make sure our customers' Google My Business entries are deleted for good when they ask. We've already helped over 600 customers delete or create new company profiles to showcase their businesses in the best way.

Is it 100% Legal?

We want to make it clear that our service follows all the rules and laws. We respect Google's policies and work within the legal framework to delete company profiles. The way we do it is a secret we keep to make sure our service works well and stays special. We're proud of helping our clients, and we always do things the right way, with transparency and following the law.

Save yourself expensive legal advice and time-consuming discussions

No matter why you want to delete your Google My Business listing, we'll handle it promptly and reliably. If needed, we can do it in less than 48 hours. We provide genuine alternatives, not just empty promises.

We will help you if you ...

  • want to delete your Google My Business listing.
  • want to start from scratch with your Google listing.
  • would like to get advice from us first.
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Key Questions About Deleting Your Google Business Profile

Curious about deleting your Google Business Profile? Let's explore your top questions in a straightforward way, covering everything from the process steps to staying in harmony with Google's rules. Allf further questions can be adressed in our consultation appointment.

When is G-Remove the right contact for me?

We can help you delete or reset your business listing. You only pay if we succeed, so your customers won't be bothered or influenced by fake reviews.

Does G-Remove belong to Google?

No, we do not have any relationship with Google, but we work as an independent agency.

Can entries located in other countries also be deleted?

Yes, G-Remove works worldwide.

Will I get in trouble with Google?

Deleting a Google Business Profile can be tricky if not done right. At G-Remove, we avoid problems by checking legal ownership, carefully assessing if it can be deleted, and following Google's rules during the deletion. We also carefully confirm the success of the deletion to ensure all relevant information and links have been removed. With us, there's no risk of breaking Google's rules when deleting company profiles.

How long does it take to delete my company from Google?

Our process to remove your Google Business profile takes usually less than 2 days. In rare cases it takes longer due to processes which are tied to the response time of Google. If that happens, we'll let you know.

Whats the difference between a Google Business Profile (formerly Google-My-Business) and Google Maps entry.

The main difference between a Google Business Profile and Maps is that Google Maps shows the location of your business and provides directions. The Google Business Profile, on the other hand, offers all the information that is relevant for users to do business with a company. Google Business and Google Maps use the same data. That's why removing a Google Business Profile removes the associated Google Maps entry simultaneously.

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